Lapse and plunge accident in sidewalks

Many people feel safe while walking on the sidewalks other than the road. Sidewalks are having more mobility, having lesser traffic and healthier than walking on a moving road. It is the responsibility of the Highway association to have safe sidewalks on both the side of the road. This makes the pedestrian safer to walk for people without vehicles.

What is the reason behind slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall are seen in the case of personal injury where a person can file a case against a person or a company who is responsible for this accident. There are many reasons why this accident happens.

  1. an accident happens when the sidewalks are not constructed properly or having an uneven surface. This is the responsibility of a construction company to avoid loose floorboards, torn carpeting, etc.
  2. Due to the bad weather conditions, this accident happens. Due to rain, snowfall and other such weather conditions this slip and fall accident happen.
  3. Sometimes because of improper footwear, this slip and fall accident happens. One should walk properly and wear a good quality shoe while walking on a roadside.

Do injuries happen due to a slip and fall accident?

Due to unfavorable conditions of the road, anyone can face some of the other injuries. One can go to a slip and fall lawyers Los Angeles, who may help their clients in getting compensation from the person who finds guilty for these bad road conditions. Some of the injuries which may happen due to this unfavorable road conditions are:

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Head trauma
  • Instant death
  • All-time scarring
  • Bone fracture
  • While life body pain, etc

What one should do after slip and fall accident?

There are slip and fall lawyers Los Angeles available in the country who help to get full compensation from the person who finds guilty for their client’s condition. But after an accident one should follow some major steps:

Seek medical treatment– If a person falls on sidewalks or met with an accident because of pedestrians, then he or she should go and consult their doctors, to avoid any major injuries later on.

Report the accident– One should report the accident to the authority so that these type of accident should not happen in the future.

Make a proper report– After reporting an accident, a lawyer makes a proper report and documents for their client. This document helps the lawyers to file a case against the culprits and parent the case against the jurisdiction.

Decline to give a statement– Due to fear of authorities and power of the people, the person who met with an accident takes their case back. This may happen if both the parties settle the case outside the court or it can be taken back just because of fear.

Call on attorney– When a person wins a case, he may call another party for the attorney. Though it is very difficult to prove this slip and fall cases but of the evidence and documents are presented properly, then the case may be in favor of the party who met with an accident


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