Tips to Avoid Facing Your Computer for a Long Time as You Work from Home

man sits while writing in front of MacBook

It seems like working from home is the new reality for a lot of people. They’re even lucky to have the chance to continue working while at home. Lots of people lost their jobs since their employers didn’t operate. Although you’re grateful for the opportunity to keep working, it’s not an easy setup. Facing your computer for extended hours could be exhausting. You also expose yourself to radiation for several hours, and it could adversely affect your health. These tips will help you avoid staying in front of your computer for a long time. 

Determine the tasks requiring you to use your computer

There’s no need to use your computer all the time. There are tasks that you can do offline. For instance, if you’re brainstorming ideas, you can use a paper and pen. You can also make sketches and drafts without using your computer. Just because you’re offline doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. 

Stand up every hour

If your work lets you to use the computer for several hours each day, you need to use your time wisely. You can set the alarm to remind you to stand up and do small exercises. You can repeat this routine until you finish using your computer. You can’t always allow yourself to face the monitor especially if you know that you won’t complete the tasks any time soon.

Apart from doing small exercises, you can also try other activities. Get a book and read. Close your eyes for a while before getting back to work. You can also talk to your family and bond with them. The goal is to avoid using your computer continuously for several hours. 

Don’t force yourself to keep working

The good thing about the idea of working from home is that you can determine what to do with your time. It’s not like during regular office hours where you only work within a specific time slot each day. Since you have the freedom to budget your time, you don’t need to finish everything in one go. You can do other tasks once you finished resting for a while. 

Don’t forget to protect yourself

You can’t do anything to change the current situation. You have to use your computer since you’re working from home. You can at least protect yourself against radiation. You can use emf protection like the ones you can find at You stay at home to protect yourself against the virus, but you could also get ill due to overexposure to radiation. These protective devices are effective in preventing radiation from penetrating your system. 

You might feel like you’re suffering now because you couldn’t go out of your house. The truth is that you will miss this chance once things go back to normal. When you get stuck in traffic again, or you have to rush to meet the deadline, you would wish it is lockdown time again. Make the most of this chance and keep safe.