Jack Elway Discusses College Football Combines and Camps

According to Jack Elway, students who want to obtain a college football scholarship must attend combines and camps. They must also research the different ones that are out there and find out how these can increase their chances of being awarded a scholarship. Simply signing up in the hopes of being noticed is not generally a successful strategy. Rather, students should only go to those combines and camps where they know that the school coaches have already expressed some form of Interest. This then gives them the opportunity to get noticed even more by the different college scouts.

Jack Elway on Finding Good Camps

According to Jack, anyone who seriously wants to play for a certain school will need to attend the combined or camp of thought educational institution. During these camps, cultures will make evaluations that will drive their decisions in terms of who to offer scholarships for. Additionally, it is vital that young people managed to get invited to those camps so that they already have the status of recruit rather than just a camper.

Being invited as a recruit does not necessarily mean eventual recruitment, however. In fact, coaches will be happy to invite just about anyone who is willing to pay for the camp. Usually, well over 100 young people attend them but the coaches are focused on a handful of people amongst those. Those athletes that are getting all the attention are the ones that have already been identified through coaching services or scouting services and that the coaches are actually interested in.

It is for this reason that it is so important that young people attend the camps of which they know the coaches have already viewed their videos and express an interest. Naturally, it is also very important that young person is actually good enough to play at the school. One way to grab attention is by emailing the coaches before the camp, sending them a showcase video of the particular skills a certain player has. If a coach responds to this, then it is likely that they are indeed interested and attending the combine or camp will then also be a very good idea.

Once at Showcase, combined, or camp, recruits will have the opportunity to compete against each other and further grab the attention of the scouts. A prospective young person should ensure that some of the best recruits in the country are attending the same camp. This is because this guarantees multiple scouts will be there, thereby increasing the chances of being noticed. Year on year, there are some unknown recruits that are able to bag top scholarships through their fantastic performance at popular combines.

According to Jack Elway, some of the best combined to attend to, where top scouts and elite recruits always seem to be present, are:

  1. The Schuman’s National Combines.

  2. The Nike Football Training Camps (NFTC).

  3. The Nike SPARQ Combines.

Of course, these are also the more expensive camps, but they are the best of the best.

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