4 Great Resources for Startup Companies

Starting a business can be a challenging objective if you don’t know where to begin. There are numerous resources available in the market that can guide you through your infancy stages. Identifying and utilizing these resources enhance your chances of success.

If you’re thinking about establishing a new business, there are numerous requirements you will have to consider to ensure your venture is successful. The various procedures and demands found in this process can be exhausting if you don’t have the right kind of support. Identifying different resources that are easily accessible to your firm can help alleviate a significant amount of the pressure involved.

A business resource is any element that helps your company grow and exceed in its activities. They are an essential part of a company’s operations and can determine the level of success enjoyed from a particular venture. The more resources you have, the higher your chances of running a successful enterprise. Finding the capital to acquire these elements is not always easy, however, making any free providers such as The Business Backer website a godsend.

Some excellent resources for startup companies that are easily accessible include:

Business Incubators and Accelerators

Business incubators and accelerators are assistive programs meant to offer support to new companies in various fields. They can be run by a section of the government or an independent organization in that industry. If you’re having trouble acquiring the needed resources to push your business forward, then joining up with such groups is a great way to get access to such help.

Business incubators are designed to help companies that have just started. These programs can last up to a few years as they help your business establish itself in the industry. Business accelerators are designed to support a fairly new company that is in its development phase. Some programs offer elements such as financial advice and investment strategies, while others provide seed money in exchange for a percentage of the company.

Online Resources

There are a variety of established platforms on the internet that provide a wide range of business management tools, such as small business budgeting templates. These websites are a great option if you’re not aware of how to create the various documents you will need to manage your affairs. Other templates available in this category include invoices, pro-formas, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Business Competitions

There are a large number of business competitions available in different industries in the market. These competitions are designed to generate healthy rivalry within the industry, as well as offer a platform for new businesses to showcase their products. The winners of these competitions usually get a substantial amount of money, as well as an enhanced network of connections.

Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists are investors who offer startup companies seed money in exchange for equity in the business. There are many options available in this market, so you should always take the time to go through all of your alternatives. It’s advisable to part with the smallest amount of equity as possible when conducting such transactions. The more equity offered to an investor, the more control they could potentially wield over your company.

Travel Secrets of the Celebrities

Celebrity vacation secrets and destinations aren’t talked about for a reason: they don’t want us to know where they are, or how they got there. Just like us, celebrities need to get away from their mansions and hillside estates every now and again. They need a break from the constant barrage of agent phone calls and royalty checks being dropped off in their mailbox. And that’s why we all take vacations, isn’t it?

The similarities between celebrity vacations and our vacations ends there, however. When top celebrities travel for holidays, they aren’t getting groped by TSA or squeezing into economy class seats. No, their experience is something quite different. Something quite extraordinary. And we’re spilling the beans.

Concierge Travel Agents

Celebrities don’t spend hours browsing the internet to try and find affordable deals through some DIY booking site. Au contraire. Celebrities travel with the help of concierge travel agents. Concierge travel agents work personally with celebrities to ensure privacy and the finest accommodations and travel arrangements for the duration of their vacation. You can hire a concierge travel agent for your own vacations, but don’t expect the bargain basement prices you’re used to. These agents deliver premium services and they get premium prices for the effort.

Assumed Identities

You know that celebrities like movie and television actors are accustomed to answering to fake names. They have to do it all the time when they’re acting. But they also use fake names when their travel agents book reservations at hotels and resorts. These agents make bookings under assumed names on the celebrities’ behalf, so the media doesn’t get wind of their arrival.

Custom Invitations to Celebrity Friends

Another travel secret that celebrities have is to send invitations to their friends with custom services, such as wedding invites with photos. How else do you think that celebrities quietly assemble all their guests in some exotic locale without the paparazzi finding out? This is actually something you can afford to do the next time you’re in charge of the wedding planning for a friend or loved one!

Private Planes

TSA is expanding their reach with newly relaxed rules about what they can touch during security pat downs. Celebrities aren’t worried about having their Spanx revealed, though. They use private planes to get from point A to point B. Celebrities travel on personally-owned planes more than you realize. This list of celebrities who own their own planes is astounding. Just because a celebrity doesn’t own their own plane doesn’t mean you can expect to rub elbows with one in first class, either. Many celebrities travel on charter planes. For a nominal fee that you and I can’t possibly afford, celebrities can book a 10 or 20-seater direct to their destination, and have all the privacy and comfort they need, with none of the inconvenience.

Private Islands

Once at their destination, celebrities don’t have to mingle with the riff raff on vacation. For example, Richard Branson owns a private island called Necker Island. David Copperfield owns four islands in the Bahamas, which he got at a bargain for around $50 million. Eddy Murphy owns Rooster Cay Island in the Bahamas. Shakira owns Bonds Cay in the Bahamas. Mel Gibson owns Mago Island in Fiji.

So you see that spritzing your face with Evian water is nothing compared to the luxuries that celebrities experience when they travel. Still it is important to stay hydrated, even for celebrities. Especially since they’re surrounded by all that salt water!


Cleveland Continues to Rank as One of the Most Affordable Places to Live

If Ohio can stake its claim to fame, Cleveland is going to be in there somewhere near the top as it continues to be ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in the US year after year. While foreclosed home auctions may be up due to a lagging economy and a shutdown of some of the region’s biggest businesses, the economy is not at an all-time low and there is work out there for those who are seriously seeking a job. What does this mean for the housing market? It means that homes are available at prices much, much lower than the national average and anyone looking to relocate just might want to give Cleveland a shot.

Ohio Has Several Cities Listed in the Top 10

According to a Capital Resorts Group Reviews ranking that lists the most affordable cities in the United States, Akron won the honor of being in first place. Wages are up, home prices are down and so the combination of the two makes for a really sensible place to find employment and buy a home for future security. Next on the list has Dayton coming in a fairly close second with Cleveland in 7th place and Toledo in 8th place. That’s an amazing four out of ten for the most affordable places to live in the United States. It can’t get much better than Ohio.

Is Being in First Place Like Akron a Good Thing?

According to many economists and market analysts, being in first place as an affordable place to live is a good thing, but it is important to understand the ‘why’ of it. Yes, wages are up and yes there are jobs to be had, but there must be something in the economy that is keeping the cost of living so affordable. Whenever home prices are low enough to be listed as ‘the most affordable’ there may be a lack of money in the community to buy homes.

Why Being in 7th Place Is So Appealing

While this could be a major boon for those who don’t depend on working outside the home, for families that need an income, this might be a bit of a gamble as the signs of a troubled economy rest somewhere in the background with such affordable home prices. By ranking in 7th place, Cleveland shows a more stable economy with house prices that are also low so, in the end, a much more desirable place to purchase real estate.

All in all, if home buyers are looking for a place to hang their hat, it’s wisest to look at something else besides home prices being lower than the national average. Anyone dependent on an income also needs to look at the economy as a whole and a sure sign of a stronger economy is not having the dubious honor of being in first place on home prices. The farther up the list you go, the stronger the economy will be in that area. All signs are great at this time for Cleveland, which fell back to 7th place in 2016 from first place just years ago, so now is the time to buy. If the spread gets any greater that will spell higher house prices and if you’re looking for affordable real estate, as the old saying goes – get in while the getting’s good.

Some Really Interesting Spanish Tourist Attractions You Need To See

Spain is a really popular travel destination because of the geographical condition it presents and the wealth of opportunities available when it comes to number of attractions, cuisine and traditions. The history of the country is rich, with numerous historical places and you can even enjoy numerous sandy beaches with clear waters. German Trujullo Manrique claims Spain offers something for everyone, with all regions being wonderful for tourists of all ages.

Spain has so many popular travel destinations and cities to consider, like Barcelona, Madrid, Bilboa, Cordoba, Pamplona, Costa Blanca, Salamanca, Tenerife, Alicante and Granada. We should also mention the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands as must-see Spain places but we will just focus on some.


Spain’s capital is reputable for fiestas, flamenco dancing, royal palaces and bullfighting. Main attractions include Plaza Mayor, Parque del Buen Retiro, Prado Museum, The Archaeological Museum, Plaza de Espana and Plaza de la Cibeles. You can enjoy numerous music halls, movie houses, cafes and dance halls.

If what Madrid offers does not appeal to you, it is a good idea to consider Barcelona, which is a huge cultural center with monuments, natural resources, art galleries and historical sites. There is even a museum that is dedicated to Pablo Picasso.


Alhambra is a palace that was used by Spain’s last Muslim ruler. It is located in Granada, a huge Spanish tourist attraction that is renowned for its Islamic architecture, in combination with Jewish and Christian elements.

If you are interested in historical destinations, Seville’s Tomb of Christopher Columbus should be considered. In Valencia you need to consider L’Oceanografic, an aquarium that is unexpectedly futuristic and if you want even more history on your trip, Malaga and Cadiz are must-see cities. In Malaga Pablo Picasso was born, just like movie star Antonio Banderas.

Balearic Isles

You might not know what the Balearic Isles are but you surely know about the 3 main islands that make them up: Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza. Ibiza is highly popular because of the club scene, beautiful beaches and weather. Mallorca is not crowded and the fresh seafood lunches served are simply delicious. Majorca is also highly popular among exotic tourist destinations like Ibiza.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is made out of 7 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous tourists decide to visit because of the crystal clear waters, beaches and active water sports. You surely already heard about Tenerife, which is the largest of the Canary Islands. Once you are there you can also enjoy cycling, climbing or hiking.

Other Destinations

Spain has so many travel destinations that it is hard to highlight all of them. This includes Alcazar, Parc Nacional d’Aiguestortes I Estany de Sant Maurici, Parc Guell, Las Ramblas, the Picasso Museum and so much more.

Last but not least, if you want to enjoy yourself as much as possible, you need to know that the folkloristic traditions of the country are wonderful, like bullfights and Flamenco. You surely already heard about Running of Bulls, a highly popular event held in Pamplona.

Why Is Financial Education Considered To Be Vital?

Financial education is so much more important than what many think at the moment. It needs to be seen as a vital thing for absolutely everybody. It is possible that you end up saving for years and still end up with nothing by the time retirement comes. Unfortunately, most people realize that they did something bad only when money is actually necessary and it is way too late.

People tend to start saving money or make retirement saving changes just as they realize that some friends or family members ended up in a bad situation. According to Turning Point USA, financial education is necessary as early in life as possible.

Debts And Assets

A huge part of financial education is fully understanding debts and assets. If you end up accumulating a lot of debt, especially at early age, you find it really difficult to deal with anything that is money-related in life. For instance, in the event that you have health problems and you need a quick loan to pay medical expenses, it is impossible if credit score is really low. The only option that remains is taking out a bad credit loan, which would be really bad in terms of interest rates.

When not properly managing assets and debts there are many things that can go wrong, including being faced with bankruptcy. We live in a really tough economy that made many end up without their savings.

Making Smart Financial Decisions

The financial industry is quite huge. There are so many different things that need to be understood and it is tough to make a smart financial decision. This is generally because of the fact that we are faced with a clear lack of knowledge.

In order to make a really smart financial decision you need to be aware of what all terms mean. At the same time, you have to be 100% sure that you compare the deals that you look at. This helps you to end up in a better financial situation in the future. How can you do that if you do not have the needed financial education?

Being Aware Of Current Financial Status

This is one of the things that are rarely actually mentioned because people do not realize how important it can be. Financial education will help you to properly analyze the situation you are in right now. If you do not know how your finances are, you can easily end up making bad financial decisions. For instance, you might end up agreeing to a loan with very bad terms simply because you do not know how you have to save money. It is also quite common to end up spending a lot of money that you do not really have.


No matter what you might think at the moment, be sure that you learn all that you can about financial education. This is a lot more important than what many believe. Have patience and find resources that are suitable for your current financial education knowledge level.

Michael E.Melton – Understanding the Various Intellectual Property Rights Laws

Intellectual property rights can be a minefield and whilst it is very important that businesses and individuals have a basic understanding about these laws, they can at times be very complex. With this in mind then we are going to have a look today at why intellectual property rights exist, why they are so important as well as taking a look at what intellectual property rights you need to know about. To help us with this we have consulted with Michael E. Melton, an expert in this field, to find out more.

Why They Exist

To put this in the most basic terms possible intellectual property rights exist in order to prevent the copying or the infringement of someone’s creation of the mind. These laws were brought about in order to protect both businesses from using these creations and to give the creator complete autonomy over what happens with their creations.

Why You Need To Know

There are two main reasons why this is so important for businesses to understand. The first reason is so that you do not unknowingly or knowingly use logos, content, products or anything else that is protected by this law. The second reason why this is so important to understand is because if you do create something unique, you should know what rights you have when it comes to protecting it and preventing anyone else from benefiting.

The Rights

Let’s have a look at the key intellectual property rights that you need to understand.

Trademarks – These protect logos or symbols which are used to identify a company. Companies create a trademark to let customers know who they are and they cannot be replicated unless consent is given.

Patent – People who invent new items such as products, parts or even mechanisms have the right to apply for a patent which prevents their invention from being used unauthorized.

Copyright – Copyright protects artistic creations such as scripts, books and music. This can often be a grey area given the similarities in many songs for example but wholesale copying is not allowed. Those with copyrights have moral rights over what happens to their work.

Trade Secrets – Companies have exclusive rights to the formulas, strategies, designs, systems, devices and procedures that they have within the business, protecting them from this kind of information being stolen and replicated.

Unfair Competition – This act prevents businesses from actions such as trade defamation, false advertising and infringement of copyrights or trademarks which they may use to give their business an unfair advantage over the competition.

Publicity Rights – This prevents the use of a name or image of a person being used without them consenting to it first. Even likenesses to a person can be challenged in a court of law if a company is using it.

If you have any doubts about the way that your business practices with regards to these laws, you must consult a legal professional.

How Trustify Are Changing The Landscape of Private Investigation

The world of private investigation is one which has been shrouded in mystery for many years and for a long time this was seen as something of a shady industry. The reason why it gained this kind of reputation was primarily because of the tasks that PIs carry out, surveillance for example does offer an image of men and women hiding in the shadows trying to obtain information. Another reason why this career has the reputation that it does is thanks to some people who claim to be private investigators who in fact do not have the proper skill set or training. A company that are working hard to alter the reputation of a private investigator is Trustify, and here is how they are doing it.

In a Nutshell

Trustify is a service which offer their clients the very best private investigators for their case. The service seeks to provide absolute transparency between themselves and the client and in people like Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice, they are able to offer the highest quality private investigators.


Over the years many people have ran into problems when it comes to the prices which private investigators charge. Some have up front fees and then additional charges that they will ask for at a later date, unbeknown to the client. Other private investigators charge based on what task or responsibility they must carry out, which can rack up quite a bill for the client. In the case of Trustify however all costs are clearly laid out from the outset, there are no hidden charges and what you see is what you get.


Trustify is committed to provide the wright private investigator for each individual client which means that they will receive someone who is a specialist in the required field. Over the years many private investigators who did not have a wealth of knowledge or wide abilities, would take on jobs which they were not equipped to perform, thus resulting in a poor service for the client, with Trustify this is not the case.


Because the private investigators are provided by the service that Trustify offers, it means that the client has a team who they can speak to about the PI that is working for them. If they run into any problems or if they do not feel as though the job is being done well, there is a support team on hand to speak to and resolve any issues.

Great Staff

Trustify has a careful process when it comes to selecting PIs that will work for them and that means that you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get a highly talented PI. The vetting process is key to what Trustify do and it supports them in their endeavor to provide the very best private investigators for their clients.

If you look at any review left by clients that have used Trustify you will see how happy they were with the service and with so many happy clients we can see how Trustify are helping to change the landscape of private investigation.

Jeff Lupient Wife – The Key To The Operation

Just under 5 years ago I began working with the incredible Jeffrey Lupient, a local businessman here in Minneapolis- St.Paul Area Minnesota who has been a giant in the automotive game. I began working with Jeff for research purposes ahead of going into business with him on a joint auto venture, and it didn’t take me long to realize what a star this guy is. Jeff is high energy, he has success running through his veins and his company of which he is CEO Lupient Automotive Group, is incredibly successful indeed. Jeff has over 10 years management experience and even went to Hamline University like myself. After a couple of drinks with Jeff last week here in Minneapolis- St.Paul Area Minnesota I asked him what the secret to success was and it turns out that Jeff Lupient wife is the driving force behind it all, and here is why.

Driving Force

Jeff says that what he respects most about his wife is her ability to make great decisions and this is something which he attributes much of his success to. Whenever Jeff has an idea and isn’t sure whether to go ahead or not, she is the one telling him to get on and do it, so much so that at times he feels like he doesn’t have much of a choice!


In the early days of Jeff’s automotive group he tells me that there were some very dark days indeed and that during some moments he felt that he was potentially going to have to give up on his dream. He tells me that during these dark days it was his wife who was the support network that he needed to help him unwind at the end of the day and to keep his spirits up. Jeff believes that without her support he probably would have closed the automative group and then he would never have gone on to have the success that he has found.


Something which I can attest to having worked with Jeffrey Lupient is that he is not the most optimistic man and in fact he can often be quite the downer. His wife on the other hand is the polar opposite and she is a constant source of optimism and positivity for Jeff. This influence by her can clearly be seen and in reality I guess they are the perfect couple for each other because of the way that they balance each other out.


Finally Jeff notes how his wife is involved in the company to a point but that she knows exactly when to pull back and let him get on with it. His wife has a greta mind but knows little about this industry, her ability to know when to get involved and when to pull back is something which Jeff really loves about her and yet another reason why he believes that he has found success.

Dock Square Parking Garage – Why They Are The Best In Boston

Parking here in Boston, much like many big cities of the world as I understand it, is an absolute nightmare. In fact I would go further than this and suggest that the traffic here is a nightmare too. Owing to this I began taking public transport a few years ago for my job, but it caused me great problems when I had to go out and about to meet clients. I tried many different parking lots around the city and my experience of them was very poor indeed, that was until I tried Dock Square Parking Garage. This privately owned garage was exactly what I was looking for and they are far and away the best in Boston, MA. I almost didn’t write this piece as I don’t want the garage to get full up to the point that I cannot park! Nonetheless I must share why this is the best in the business.


The one thing that you expect from a car park is that when you leave your car there for the day, that nothing will happen to it. Unfortunately however in many of the car parks around Boston, both myself and my work colleagues have had a wide range of issues from damage to the vehicles, theft of belongings inside and in some cases the car itself has been stolen. The one garage where I have never heard of any foul play, security or safety issues has been Dock Square, and this is just one of the reasons why they are the best.


What I find amazing about Dock Square is that despite the fact that they have the reputation as the best in the city, and despite the fact that they are the most secure, they actually have the lowest prices. I certainly haven’t found any long term car parks which charge less than these guys and whilst it will cots a little more for a short term stay, those of us who park there for multiple hours save great amounts of money when compared with the others. In fat they have recently introduced a loyalty scheme which can help people save even more money. Just to recap that means these guys are the cheapest, and the safest.


I have been parking here for over 4 years now and during that time I have seen one member of staff leave and be replaced. This is a family run business which means that there is real familiarity between them and people like myself who have been using them for a long time. The guys at the garage know who I am and over the years we have found out bits and pieces about one another. Service isn’t something that you always expect from a parking garage but these guys are fantastic at it and it feels like a very secure and comfortable place for you to park your car.

Jason Proch – Things to Think About For Americans in the UK

I met my now business partner Jason Proch at a business conference in New York some years ago. After our initial meeting it was clear that we had the same ideas when it came to business and so we decided to relocate from America and instead try out the business which we had put together here in the UK. The business has been and is doing very well here in the UK and Jason has now fully integrated with life here, something which as I have learned, is not always easy for an American. Jason and I were chatting the other day about the hardest aspects which he has had to adapt to , and I thought that I would share them as some advice for any other Americans heading over here to live.

No Tips

Something which Jason took a while to get his head around was the fact that we very rarely tip here in the UK. The only exceptions to this rule are for people who go above and beyond the call of duty, or perhaps if you are in a very nice hotel. The wages here in the UK are far higher than the US for people in service positions and that is why tipping is not always required.

Rude to Friends

Something which I hadn’t realized until Jason pointed it out to me was that we Brits often use insults as terms of endearment towards our friends. He recounted many times that I had introduced him to someone, suggesting that they were an idiot or a fool ( perhaps using slightly stronger words) as I introduced him. If you hear anything like this going on, we do say these things with the best of intentions!


Something which I can certainly attest to is that driving in the UK is a far more relaxed experience than in the US, with the exception of driving in the heart of busy cities. In the US it just seems as though everyone has a rush, everyone is in a hurry to get from A to B and they know that in order to do that, they must see every other driver as an enemy. In the UK this is not the case and we are in fact a very friendly bunch on the road, in the main at least.


Americans have a difficult time with sarcasm I have noticed and in Jason’s case it took him quite some time to realize what we were talking about. I can remember the first week when he gave me a huge list of tasks to complete and I jokingly told him that I would also strap a broom to my back and clean the floor as I went. Utterly bemused by this he asked me why I would need to clean the floor when the cleaner had just been in the morning. As you can see, it is not something which can be adapted to very quickly, but eventually you’ll get it.