Tips on How to Pass the Certification Test for Professional Truck Drivers

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Getting certified
as a truck driver is like taking your test to get a driver’s license. You have
to go through a series of challenges before you can get certified. If you
intend to pursue a career as a driver, you might feel intense pressure in the
days leading up to the test. If you want to pass, these are the tips you have
to consider. 

Sleep well the
night before the test

You need to be
in great physical shape for the test. You can’t drive when you’re feeling
sleepy or ill. You can still do last-minute reviews, but it’s better to use
your time to rest. It’s easier for you to go through all the requirements if
you can think clearly.

Check the
truck before driving it

A part of the
test is if you managed to check the truck before starting to drive it. Failing
to do so could be a few points off for you. The examiner won’t tell you to
check the entire truck first, but it’s your responsibility. Once you get
certified, you still want to maintain safety even if no one tells you to do so.

monitor your speed

You can’t drive
a truck at the same speed as a regular car. Apart from having a massive
vehicle, it could also carry tons of load. Therefore, you need to be mindful of
the speed; otherwise, you could get into trouble. It’s more difficult to hit
the brakes and avert a potential disaster. 

apply the brakes

Again, using
the brakes on big trucks could be challenging. Therefore, you need to go slow
with them. Make sure that you apply the softest possible touch on the brakes to
avoid a sudden stop. It could get you injured and also destroy the items on the

Learn when
to pull over

You can’t keep
driving if you know you’re already at risk. The examiner might ask you to stop.
Before it happens, you need to decide to pull over. It’s a smart decision since
you could stop a possible accident. You can gather enough strength before you
move forward. 

Learn the
function of every button

There might be
additional buttons for indicators and other functions in a truck that you
normally don’t see in a regular vehicle. You won’t be using all of them often.
Despite that, you still have to understand their functions. Your examiner might
ask you what they’re for and you have to know the right answer. 


It can be
stressful driving a truck alone. It’s even worse when you have someone deciding
your fate. Therefore, you have to calm yourself first before you start the
test. Remember everything that you learned. Imagine that it’s a regular drive
and not a test. 

Don’t forget
to keep the phone number of a towing service company in case you need help. You
want to make it easy to contact them during unexpected circumstances. You can
check out companies offering towing services

Hopefully, you
pass the test and do a great job. 


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