Top Reasons Why LED Lighting is the Better Option

A lot of the things that we use today have a negative impact on the environment. And our energy consumption is one aspect that produces a significant amount of carbon footprint that affects the environment. For years, incandescent and CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs have been used in homes and everywhere else. Although people have benefited so much from these types of light bulbs throughout the decades, they have contributed immensely to the deterioration of the environment. CFL bulbs in particular contain mercury, which is needless to say harmful not only to humans but to the environment as well.

Recent technological developments allowed us to reduce use of CFL bulbs in favour of more environment-friendly and more energy-efficient alternatives, LED lights. LEDs, or light emitting diodes are far better than the previously mentioned types of light bulbs, for several reasons.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are about 80% energy efficient, meaning that only 20% of the energy released by these lights is converted into heat. The opposite can be said about traditional light bulbs, whose energy efficiency is only about a quarter that of LED lights. Electricity bills are greatly reduced with the use of LED lights.

Longer Lifespan

LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours, or 11 years of full use. Imagine not having to spend money every few months or so replacing light bulbs in your home.

Better Light Dispersal

LED lights are designed such that they can focus their illumination on a specific area, so you will only need to switch on the light in the area where you need illumination, allowing you to save on electricity.

Frequent Switching Does Not Affect Efficacy

You can turn LED lights on and off as much as you want and their efficacy will not be reduced in the least.

Low Voltage Requirement

They can run on low voltage, which is a big plus in making sure that you are contributing to the care of the environment. Rural areas also benefit from this aspect where LED lights are installed outdoors. Low voltage requirement means that they can be connected to a solar energy source to power up.

Varied Designs

LED light bulbs vary in designs, not only for aesthetic purposes but for more useful reasons as well. Different designs allow for variation of illumination. You can control the brightness of each LED light, which translates to better energy efficiency.

LED light bulbs, including downlights, have already gained popularity. You can learn more about LED lights from sites such as With all the benefits that you can get in switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting, there is no doubt that in a few years’ time, we can reverse the negative impact that traditional lighting has contributed to the deterioration of the earth.

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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

When redesigning a bathroom it is important to save money in the right places while managing to achieve an upgraded space. It’s always a good idea to leave a large chunk of the budget for the bathroom suite or new jtspas shower. Thankfully there are lots of other areas where you can make good savings, allowing you to buy the best your budget can allow for the most important items. Here are ten simple upgrades you can do that will transform your bathroom for the better.

  1. Create a mirror wall. A large mirror may sound expensive but it is money that is worth spending. Pick a wall space, ideally above the sink unit and install a large mirror that will take up most of the wall, if not all. Choose an LED mirror if you can stretch to it, the built in lights are useful and they help to create a peaceful ambiance for night time bathing. The mirror will improve the lighting in the room, make it easier to clean and acts as an instant upgrade – you don’t even need to replace the bathroom suite for this to look good!

  2. Swap the old shower curtain for a screen or an enclosure. Shower curtains instantly cheapen the bathroom. They’re also difficult to keep spotlessly clean and attract germs, grime and mildew. Replace the curtain with a quality screen as it will improve the overall look of the room and you’ll find they are much easier to keep clean.

  3. Work out ways to increase the amount of storage space you have available. If you have a very tight budget you could always paint up some old drawers or bed side cabinets to use in the bathroom. If you can stretch to it we recommend installing some storage cabinet and a surface to help keep the space tidy and organised. A tidy bathroom is always more appealing than a messy one. Find areas that are being wasted, such as behind the toilet or below the sink and convert these areas into storage zones.

  4. Buy new towels and a towel rail. Always have your best bath towels on display and leave the older ones in the airing cupboard. Brand new towels add instant luxury to the bathroom and they’re always appreciated by the users.

  5. Replace your shower head for a larger one. Everyone is going crazy for oversized shower heads. They come in many different styles and they can be relatively easy to replace. Monsoon rain showers are in high demand at the moment and are definitely the type of upgrade that buyers would like to see in the home. Take a look at these glass panel shower door that can look amazing on your bathroom.

These five tips will help you to transform your bathroom into a space where you can relax at the end of a long day. They don’t have to be completed at once, work slowly though the list and the end result will be amazing.

Image source: Life-Of-Pix