Tips on How You Can Childproof Your Balcony

Because decks and balconies are made to add a relaxing element at home, many homeowners are not aware of the hazards that they pose. There have been several child accident cases caused by unsafe balconies. If there are no rõduklaasid or balcony windows, it’s easy for your child to slip through the railings or become wedged.

There are many ways you can childproof your balcony. You only have to make some modifications to stop your child from squeezing through the gaps. Here are your childproofing options to avoid any accidents:

Install a balcony window.

If there’s no door to your balcony, you can install a window on it instead. This way, it will be hard for your child to reach the area. Add a lock or a latch on the window, so your child can’t easily open it. If necessary, install the lock out of their reach.

Build a balcony shield.

A balcony window might block cool air from getting inside the house. If you don’t want this, you can buy a balcony shield instead. A balcony shield is a roll of thick plastic that you can use to cover the spaces in between balcony posts. You can use them indoors as banister shields as well.

With a balcony shield, you don’t have to worry about your baby fitting his head in between the posts. Of course, there’s no need for you to install this if the gap between the posts is less than three inches.

Modify the railing gaps.

A 6-year-old child can fit through a hole of six inches. Younger children can fit themselves in a 4-inch gap. It pays to measure the distance between one balcony post to the other. According to Kid’s Health, a balcony should be more than one meter above the ground. If it’s not, it should have a barrier or railing.

Thin railings should be avoided as it’s easier for children to sit on them. Horizontal railings should not be installed either; children can easily climb them.

Improvise the door.

Perhaps the easiest way to childproof the balcony is my making it inaccessible to children. You don’t have to supervise the door all the time. However, you’ll have to keep it locked. If your child knows how to open a locked door, you might want to improve your security and put an extra lock in a place where they can’t reach. You can also install an alarm in the case that your child accidentally opens the door.

Final Thoughts

You can’t always monitor your child especially if you have to attend to other tasks. However, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure their safety. Knowing that a balcony can be a child danger zone, you must do what you can to keep your child from getting there.

If you are planning to install a balcony window, you can contact MALMERK Klaasium. They can assist you in choosing the best type of window for your balcony.

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