Why you should be investing in properly-fitted men’s designer underwear

When women walk into Victoria’s Secret and have their bra-size measured for the first time, the results can come as a shock. You might quickly realize that you’ve actually been wearing the wrong size bra for decades. A new properly-fitting bra in the correct size can make a world of difference.


Well the same goes for men and their underwear. Depending on your body type, the optimal style and size measurement of your underwear will vary. Wearing underwear that actually fits more important than you’d think. Here are a few benefits to finding men’s designer underwear that fits your body type and size.


You’ll feel more confident in your day-to-day life


When you’re not consumed by the thoughts of your uncomfortable underwear, you can live your life to the fullest. On your Tinder date, in the monthly board meeting, or just walking down the street you’ll have the confidence you deserve. When you purchase a properly fitting pair of boxers or briefs, you won’t have the urge to readjust down there throughout the day.


It is actually better for your reproductive health


Believe it or not, underwear that is too tight and constricting can actually affect your health, specifically your reproductive health. Just like wearing a pair of too-tight jeans, extremely tight briefs or boxer-briefs can have the same negative effects.


Some men prefer fitted underwear that is more supportive, and there is nothing wrong with this. If you prefer fitted briefs, just make sure they aren’t too constricting. Any underwear that doesn’t allow for proper blood flow is not just uncomfortable, but also not good for your health.


You’ll accomplish more in your fitness routine


If you’re a fitness junkie, finding underwear that fits can make or break your workout routine. Whether you’re a runner, weight lifter, swimmer, or more you enjoy a relaxed yoga session, find a pair of sport-friendly underwear that works well with your workout.


The men’s designer brand known as Marco Marco is known for offering a variety of styles that are suited for staying fit. You can purchase loose-fitted boxers, tighter briefs, and even fast-drying swim briefs in bold colors and funk patterns.


So how can you enhance the fit of your underwear?


The first thing to keep in mind is your body type. Bulkier guys should opt for something that is less constricting on the thighs, so boxers are always a good choice. If you want full range of movement, consider a fitted pair of briefs (just make sure they aren’t too tight!).


For those who wear fitted pants every day, loose boxers might not be the best choice. Boxer-briefs and briefs are much more discreet and more comfortable under a pair of well-fitted jeans.


Just remember that not all underwear styles and brands are created equal. Not only does your body type play an important role in the underwear you should be wearing, but also your daily activities. Consider whether you live an active lifestyle or you typically just lounge around throughout the day.


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