What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

In this modern, digital age people can not only say what they want to say to us to our faces they can also hide behind their keyboards and destroy our online reputation. Online reputation management can help redress the balance. Find out all you need to know on this topic by downloading this helpful booklet.

Our aggressors do not have to be telling the truth but could post any amount of lies and false statements, people could add negative reviews to your websites or Facebook pages, which could affect your ratings and perhaps make the competitors company look more professional. This could be your competitors, someone who has a grudge against you a troll or someone who is just bored! They may create a false Facebook page of their own and use it as a base from which to attack your business. No one or nothing can or would prevent them from doing this. It is an age where communication is transparent, and we are all allowed to have freedom of speech. We have all felt tempted to take to the internet when something hasn’t gone the way we would have liked it to and what would have stopped us lying or exaggerating if we so desired.

The next problem is that you are not able to get a damning or negative comment removed from many sites on the internet such as TripAdvisor or Yell as they just consider it to be one person’s word against another’s. This can therefore be very damaging to your business where new customers might not want to take a chance on you based on the review. You are therefore left with very little choice but to consult a professional in online reputation management.

Reputation management is a way to try and fight back if this is happening to you or your business. It can help to bury the negative reviews and promote more positive and accurate descriptions of you and your business and thus highlight and promotes a positive image of yourself and or your business.

Reputation management is done in three stages, the three R’s which are repair the results of the damage, rebuild your reputation and continue to monitor and recuperate your losses.

Repair some of the damage by countering claims where you can, offering refunds and such like if possible. This will improve the online experience for potential customers.

Rebuild your online presence through press, social media, start a blog. All these new entries on the internet can only help take the focus away from the previous negative comments.

Recuperate the process to fully eliminate your negative online presence will take some time. You will need to constantly monitor your online presence and use Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that the positive comments and pages are more prolific and come up first on any internet searches.

The PR team may then entrust you with some of the simpler points, they might make suggestions for blogs that you could create and encourage you to comment frequently on your online sites. To add fun things to your Facebook and website, so that people can relate to you in a positive way. When we want to know anything about anyone, our first port of call is the internet.

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