Travel Secrets of the Celebrities

Celebrity vacation secrets and destinations aren’t talked about for a reason: they don’t want us to know where they are, or how they got there. Just like us, celebrities need to get away from their mansions and hillside estates every now and again. They need a break from the constant barrage of agent phone calls and royalty checks being dropped off in their mailbox. And that’s why we all take vacations, isn’t it?

The similarities between celebrity vacations and our vacations ends there, however. When top celebrities travel for holidays, they aren’t getting groped by TSA or squeezing into economy class seats. No, their experience is something quite different. Something quite extraordinary. And we’re spilling the beans.

Concierge Travel Agents

Celebrities don’t spend hours browsing the internet, as you canĀ see it here, to try and find affordable deals through some DIY booking site. Au contraire. Celebrities travel with the help of concierge travel agents. Concierge travel agents work personally with celebrities to ensure privacy and the finest accommodations and travel arrangements for the duration of their vacation. You can hire a concierge travel agent for your own vacations, but don’t expect the bargain basement prices you’re used to. These agents deliver premium services and they get premium prices for the effort.

Assumed Identities

You know that celebrities like movie and television actors are accustomed to answering to fake names. They have to do it all the time when they’re acting. But they also use fake names when their travel agents book reservations at hotels and resorts. These agents make bookings under assumed names on the celebrities’ behalf, so the media doesn’t get wind of their arrival.

Custom Invitations to Celebrity Friends

Another travel secret that celebrities have is to send invitations to their friends with custom services, such as wedding invites with photos. How else do you think that celebrities quietly assemble all their guests in some exotic locale without the paparazzi finding out? This is actually something you can afford to do the next time you’re in charge of the wedding planning for a friend or loved one!

Private Planes

TSA is expanding their reach with newly relaxed rules about what they can touch during security pat downs. Celebrities aren’t worried about having their Spanx revealed, though. They use private planes to get from point A to point B. Celebrities travel on personally-owned planes more than you realize. This list of celebrities who own their own planes is astounding. Just because a celebrity doesn’t own their own plane doesn’t mean you can expect to rub elbows with one in first class, either. Many celebrities travel on charter planes. For a nominal fee that you and I can’t possibly afford, celebrities can book a 10 or 20-seater direct to their destination, and have all the privacy and comfort they need, with none of the inconvenience.

Private Islands

Once at their destination, celebrities don’t have to mingle with the riff raff on vacation. For example, Richard Branson owns a private island called Necker Island. David Copperfield owns four islands in the Bahamas, which he got at a bargain for around $50 million. Eddy Murphy owns Rooster Cay Island in the Bahamas. Shakira owns Bonds Cay in the Bahamas. Mel Gibson owns Mago Island in Fiji.

So you see that spritzing your face with Evian water is nothing compared to the luxuries that celebrities experience when they travel. Still it is important to stay hydrated, even for celebrities. Especially since they’re surrounded by all that salt water!


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