Top Benefits of Leasing a Car

You may be surprised to learn that the advantages of leasing a car extend beyond the perks of a shiny new vehicle. As well as avoiding any long-term commitment to a depreciating vehicle, you will also be able to drive away with less mechanical maintenance and lower monthly fees.

Still concerned whether car leasing is the right option for you? Here are some of the top benefits associated with leasing a car.

Get a Fantastic Deal

In most cases, car leasing companies will operate as independent vehicle brokers. This helps ensure that you can enjoy the best real-time deals from all of the major dealerships and finance companies across the UK. With these great options, you can enjoy some of the most competitive market rates, which will help drive down your monthly costs.

Enjoy a Better Car

If you opt to lease your car, you will typically find that you can afford to drive a better vehicle than you would if you had purchased one. With a car lease agreement, you will only cover the car’s depreciation for your lease period, not the actual value of the car. As a result, you will find that your monthly payments are much lower when compared to other finance options. This means you can afford to lease a better make or option.

Drive a Reliable Car

Are you constantly worried about your car breaking down? As cars get older, they become less reliable. If you choose to lease a car, you won’t have to worry about this problem as you will be driving a brand-new model. Plus, if something does go wrong, generally this will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t have to worry about paying out for expensive visits to the garage.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology and Safety Features

As you are driving a brand-new car, you will easily be able to benefit from all of the latest technological advancements that manufacturers are starting to introduce into cars. Recent additions that have proved extremely popular include things like MirrorLink, which automatically syncs your smartphone screen with your car’s, alongside Autonomous Emergency Braking to help prevent crashes.

Cut Out Big-Money Motoring Costs

With a lease car, you’ll be driving a new and more reliable model, so it is far more likely that you won’t have to worry about replacing big-ticket mechanical items. In fact, you probably won’t even have to worry about replacing your battery.

Avoid MoT Hassle

It’s worth remembering that new car models are not required to have an annual MoT roadworthiness check until their 3rd birthday. In most cases, by this time, the lease car you are using will no longer be your responsibility anymore.

Control Your Monthly Vehicle Spend

Other than car insurance and fuel, when you opt to lease a car, you’ll know exactly what your monthly cost is going to be, as everything will be rolled into one hassle-free payment. Also, if you include a maintenance package, your ability to budget is even stronger.

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5 Amazing Elevators to Put On Your Bucket List

Elevators are a convenient part of daily life, usually meant to usher us through our apartment buildings or to our floor at the office. Some elevators though, go a step beyond. From aquarium immersions to high-speed adventures, these elevators forge a new path, and have become tourist destinations in their own right. As these five bucket list worthy elevators prove, not all lifts are created equal.



This elevator in Berlin, Germany, takes riders through an 82-foot tall aquarium, holding more than 1 million liters of water and 97 different species of fish in a coral reef habitat. Gaze on blowfish, humphead wrasse, clown fish and more as you glide up and down the elevator at a gentle pace. AquaDom, Part of Sea Life in the Radisson Blu Hotel and the largest aquarium of its kind, is a must the next time you’re in Berlin.

The Gateway Arch


The iconic arch in St. Louis, Missouri, is also home to one of the most famous and historical elevators in the world. Hop in the white pod elevator and be transported to the top of America’s tallest monument, where you’ll be ejected onto an observation deck for stunning views of the Mississippi River and city below. While the view from the top is incredible, the ride is half the fun. The glass doors give you panoramic views on the way up, and also highlight the mechanical structure of the elevator, which is almost as impressive as the city lights below.

Taipei 101


The Taipei 101 can be summed up in one word: speed. The elevator launches visitors to the 89th-floor observatory in 37 seconds, traveling at speeds of about 40-miles-per-hour. In less than a minute, you’ll be delivered to sweeping views of all of Taipei, from mountains to temples to a sprawling cityscape. Ready to go? The return trip is just as speedy, though not as smooth for those with motion sickness.

Luxor Inclinator


Leave it to Vegas to take the familiar and turn it into something unexpected. The city that always has tricks up its sleeve doesn’t disappoint with the Luxor’s inclinator, which moves guests up the side of the hotel’s pyramid at a 39-degree angle. After your tilted trip to the pyramid’s tip, you can enjoy luxurious views of the fake Egyptian city below, which looks especially gold and glittery at night.

The Hammetschwand Lift


This Swiss elevator is the highest elevator in Europe, and a tourist attraction in itself. Visitors can walk along a rock path to reach the base, and then get whooshed up to the top of the Hammetschwand lookout point on the Bürgenstock plateau, where you’ll be standing among the treetops. Below, Lake Lucerne glistens serenely and the surrounding mountains look even more majestic from 500 feet up.