Ryan Shephard – Doctors Beyond The Hospital

When I first moved in with my roommate Ryan Shephard he was in the process of studying to become a doctor, now 6 years on he is a fully fledged and licensed doctor in our local hospital. The experience of living with Ryan has greatly opened my mind with regards to what doctors go through on a personal level, and how the job impacts their daily lives. We all understand how incredible the men and women are that work in hospitals but once you see how things are beyond the hospital, you may find yourself having even more respect for the doctors of this world.

Hard Studying

What would be the one thing that you would hate to do after a long, 12 hour shift in a hospital? Studying would probably be included in this list and yet that is what thousands of doctors around the world do when they get home. The reason behind this is because many doctors are fearful of losing knowledge as well as the fact that medical advancements are being made all the time and for doctors to continue to be the best they must stay up to date with what is going on.

Sheer Fatigue

The fatigue that I have witnessed in my roommate at times has been utterly astonishing and it has turned a high functioning and highly intelligent doctor into a man who struggles to tie his own shoes or remember why he entered a room. This is the evidence which I have seen with my own eyes of just how tired and fatigued a person can be, as a result of working such long hours in an emotional charged environment. What appears to be worse than the fatigue which they feel, Ryan tells me that he and many of his colleagues often get so tired that they become wired because their brain is trying to process so much, and this then charges their energy levels so that they cannot even get to sleep.

Always Working

I often feel very sorry for my roomie when we are out and about because as soon as people find out that he is a doctor they like to present him with a list of ailments or complaints that they want him to check out for them. In fact on one occasion an elderly woman fell and went into cardiac arrest, Ryan jumped into action on the arrested woman before most of us knew what was going on and was engaging in CPR to bring her back to consciousness, I guess there are no days off in the world of a doctor. The latter example was obviously an extreme case but it is true that doctors are regularly asked for their services, even when they are not working and I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for many men and women.

Doctors deserve all of our respect and appreciation, they are truly remarkable.

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