Ron Blum how to chase your dreams and not go broke

Ron Blum is extremely interested and involved in baseball, he loves the MLB. A keen businessman he also believes you should follow your dreams. All though the years we all plod along in work which isn’t necessarily us and that we don’t particularly enjoy, we can cope with it and it pays the bills, so we keep on going. When we finally decide what we would absolutely love to do then we think it is only a dream. The next stage we may have even established a way of doing it that might just work it is a very euphoric day indeed day. We feel like we could land the life of our dreams.

Of course, we have to take care and precautions, in the early days we need to ensure that we can support ourselves if it all goes horribly wrong. This is why some people will stay in their original employment while they are getting their new job or business up and running. Whilst you are doing two jobs you are going to have to try to create a business plan and think about all the fundamentals of business. These will include your stock, your target audience, funding, will you need staff. Later there will be thoughts on legal support and employees and who may want to start litigation procedures, but this is a very long way down the line.

The next thing that you will need to do is to gain experience, even though you won’t have a lot of free time you will have some use this time to find out more about the new field of work. Volunteer if you need to in the field that you want to explore. This will give you invaluable insight into all kinds of things to enable us to be a success in our new venture and it can also help us make invaluable contacts, it will be a great way to network with suppliers and clients who may want to use your business in future. You never know when you’ll get a break, make the right connection or get valuable advice

The next thing to do is get yourself out there you need an online presence a website, a Facebook page. Again, these are all things that you can do free online courses in if you do not initially know what to do.

You also need to remain realistic with your goals and aspirations don’t push yourself too hard initially it will take some time and you may have to live your old life for a little while longer. Stay focussed and remember where you are heading the rest is just so that you can get by. You do not want to end up with broken dreams just because you pushed yourself too hard too soon.

Be inspired by Ron Blum and his Baseball dreams, always keep trying and never give in. Do not let your dreams get broken without a fight.


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