Purpose of Media Cabinets and How to Choose One

Audiovisual (AV) equipment comes in various sizes and the other items connected with the operation of AV equipment are numerous. In order to keep them in one place and arrange them neatly, an AV media cabinet is essential.

A media cabinet must have the versatility to provide a safe storage space for a variety of media electronics (find more at Gamma Cabinetry website). Some of them have adjustable racks to store AV equipment of different dimensions. AV media cabinets are purpose built, meaning they conform to standards, enabling them to store different AV equipment that is available in the market. Aside from proper storage, a media cabinet makes it easier to transport all the related equipment at once.

For commercial and industrial AV suppliers and AV projection providers, a multifunctional media cabinet is indispensable. The high-end server components are usually heavier and bigger than those that are for home use.

When dealing with rack-mounted professional audiovisual components, the cabinets must be industry compliant, with the strength and rigidity to support the various equipment. The multi-channel and high-powered components and amplifiers, particularly those that are used 24/7 produce a lot of heat, which can shorten the service life of these types of equipment. Therefore they need a media cabinet with ample breathing room.

A good AV media cabinet should have some flexibility. If the cabinet is to house several pieces of professional equipment that produce a great deal of heat, it should have space for fans to be attached in order to circulate air and cool the components. If they are to be used in confined spaces, purchase a media cabinet that can incorporate a TV mount.

Today’s professional audiovisual media cabinets come in single and twin cabinet styles, with varying depths to allow the storage of equipment of different dimensions. They may look utilitarian, but some manufacturers try to incorporate basic design principles to make them look contemporary, particularly if they are to be exposed to public view, such as those used for schools, conferences and offices.

AV media cabinets have sturdy wheels that make transporting heavy AV equipment easier. There are also lectern style media cabinets without wheels that could be customised to have a different top.

When purchasing an AV media cabinet, see to it that it is made from steel to withstand the weight of all the media components that might be stored in it. It should be well constructed with a smooth finish. The racks should be firm and strong and the shelving must have the right depth to store components of various sizes securely. The media cabinet should allow you easy access to the components. Vented panels are essential to allow for better airflow. For a clean and professional look, there should be integrated cable management clips to keep cords and cables secure and in place.

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