John Clemenza: What Patients Love Most About Their Doctors

In most surveys patients repeatedly say they love their doctors. In survey after survey medical patients always give their primary care doctors a thumbs up. They think overall their doctors do a great job and provide fantastic medical care.

For this reason, if you asked most patients would they like to switch doctor’s the answer would overall be a resounding no, and they would also be happy to tell you why they love their doctors. Here are some of their most popular answers to that question.

Focusing Them on Prevention Rather Than Treatment Only

Patients understand that they will likely need treatment and medication for any malady they currently have. But they also want to know how to avoid getting this and other ills in the future. So they want doctors to talk about prevention. This means directing toward healthier eating habits, exercise that will fit into their lifestyles and ways to reduce stress in their lives. Doctors are responding with detailed instructions on how to keep patients out of their offices and patients rate doctor that treat them this way, very highly.

The Doctor Provides Good Quality Time

Patients understand that good doctors like John Clemenza have very busy schedules filled with demanding patients who are both nervous and anxious about their health. For this reason they know that when they go to the doctor’s office, the amount of time spent with the physician will be limited. However most patients today find that doctors are making sure that the time that they do spend with them is high quality time.

This means that the doctor delivers good quality information about the patient’s current health status, asks questions that are relevant to the patient’s health, and prescribes any medications or the treatment that get good results. Most patients single out doctor interaction where eye contact is made and a focus on them as important factors in making them feel comfortable.

Flexible Office Hours

The vast majority of patients that nearly every doctor sees are working people who are typically at work during traditional working hours throughout the work week. When there is a doctor’s appointment, it requires the patient to take a day off of work or miss significant time at work in order to make the appointment.

Many doctors are aware of the inconvenience this causes their patients and are beginning to implement flexible office hours that allow for patients to see the doctor after typical business hours. The doctor might ask patients if this is more convenient and if there are enough that say it is, he may set his office hours for noon to 8 p.m. several days a week and even open on weekends. This allows for many patients to see the doctor in the less stressful time.

The one continued gripe that most patients still have when they must see their doctor, is the long waiting time at doctors’ offices.

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