Jeff Lupient Wife – The Key To The Operation

Just under 5 years ago I began working with the incredible Jeffrey Lupient, a local businessman here in Minneapolis- St.Paul Area Minnesota who has been a giant in the automotive game. I began working with Jeff for research purposes ahead of going into business with him on a joint auto venture, and it didn’t take me long to realize what a star this guy is. Jeff is high energy, he has success running through his veins and his company of which he is CEO Lupient Automotive Group, is incredibly successful indeed. Jeff has over 10 years management experience and even went to Hamline University like myself. After a couple of drinks with Jeff last week here in Minneapolis- St.Paul Area Minnesota I asked him what the secret to success was and it turns out that Jeff Lupient wife is the driving force behind it all, and here is why.

Driving Force

Jeff says that what he respects most about his wife is her ability to make great decisions and this is something which he attributes much of his success to. Whenever Jeff has an idea and isn’t sure whether to go ahead or not, she is the one telling him to get on and do it, so much so that at times he feels like he doesn’t have much of a choice!


In the early days of Jeff’s automotive group he tells me that there were some very dark days indeed and that during some moments he felt that he was potentially going to have to give up on his dream. He tells me that during these dark days it was his wife who was the support network that he needed to help him unwind at the end of the day and to keep his spirits up. Jeff believes that without her support he probably would have closed the automative group and then he would never have gone on to have the success that he has found.


Something which I can attest to having worked with Jeffrey Lupient is that he is not the most optimistic man and in fact he can often be quite the downer. His wife on the other hand is the polar opposite and she is a constant source of optimism and positivity for Jeff. This influence by her can clearly be seen and in reality I guess they are the perfect couple for each other because of the way that they balance each other out.


Finally Jeff notes how his wife is involved in the company to a point but that she knows exactly when to pull back and let him get on with it. His wife has a greta mind but knows little about this industry, her ability to know when to get involved and when to pull back is something which Jeff really loves about her and yet another reason why he believes that he has found success.

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