Jeff Lupient discusses how to be a good manager

Jeff Lupient is the President and CEO at Lupient Automotive Group. He has over 10 years of management experience in Minnesota and Minneapolis after he completed his studies at Hamline University. Jeff Lupient MN runs a very successful automotive group in the St Paul Area of Minnesota.

Jeff Lupient, Minnesota believes that being the boss can be exciting, interesting, challenging, demanding and frustrating. But a true great manager never puts their feelings first, well at least on the outside. When the pressure is on it is still important to follow your schedule for success. Never skip breakfast, this might seem like a way to win back some time but it is such a bad move. It makes you cranky and can even lead to bad decision making.

Jeff Lupient MN states that you should never set a bad example to your team, people will use you as a cornerstone and role model of how to behave. They will have excuses for bad behaviour if they witness you behaving badly. For example if you are consistently late for meetings, no matter what your reason, or forgetful they will subconsciously believe that these attributes are acceptable in your business.

It is professional to answer emails within a reasonable time frame. Try to get into a habit with your emails. If you have time to open it and read it then it makes sense to answer it then as long as you have time to fully consider the issue discussed in the email and make an appropriate answer. A reply within three business days is an unwritten business standard. If for some reason you cannot give a full response as you need to consider a few issues or obtain more information then let the recipient know that this is the case. This leads to another trait of a good manager, it is important to be as open and honest as you can in order to get the best out of your team.

The most important and often ignored tool for a good manager is the ability to praise their team. Praising peoples work, letting them know that they are noticed and appreciated is the most motivational tool for a team. It fosters a sense of pride and determination in your work and makes you want to succeed as you know that it is noticed and you feel valued as a human being.

A good manager will always ask their team for their thoughts and feelings on ideas, and this is beneficial for many reasons. The employees actually doing the work at ground level day in day out will often have ideas on how jobs can be made more streamline and efficient. It might even be a minor frustration of theirs that something isn’t done a certain way but they have never felt confident enough to mention it. Asking for your team’s opinion before implementing new processes and ideas also increases their buy in to the change. If you feel that you have had a say in the way you will be working then you will be more determined to bring about positive change and success for the business. These are the top tips to achieve high and become the next rising star in management.

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