Finding Autographs Values Online – Key to Making Money

If you want to make money buying and selling signatures, the most important thing to learn is finding autographs values online. You must know what an autograph is worth so that you can calculate whether the price you can buy it for will enable you to make a profit further down the line. Additionally, you have to know what the value of an autograph is so that you can price it appropriately when it comes to selling it.

Finding Autographs Values Online

If you have been collecting signatures for some time yourself, then it is likely that you already have some understanding of their values. However, if you aren’t completely sure, there are lots of resources at your disposal to work it out. Those include:

  1. Online auction websites. This is where you can see the signature and the item on which they are found. There are many things that influence the value of an autograph, including how they are displayed. A framed and mounted signed picture, for instance, is worth more than the signed picture on its own. By using online auctions, you will get a good idea of what certain autographs go for. Do make sure you compare multiple online auction sites to get a real sense of prices.

  2. Auction catalogs .Just like online auctions, you can view what is available through specialist auction houses. Again, you will see that the presentation of the autograph is quite significant in terms of its value. Also, make sure you compare different auction houses as well. You should also be able to find information on past auctions here so that you can see what certain autographs sold for in the past.

  3. Autograph dealers. There are lots of these around, many of them online, and they have comprehensive websites with products, including their prices. Look at how they present their autographs and how much that influences the asking price.

  4. Valuation books. A few valuation guide books exist specifically for autographs. These books are available through libraries, specialized sites, but also Amazon and eBay, for instance. However, as good as these books are, they quickly go out of date so you should use them as a guideline only.

There are lots of things that will influence the value of an autograph. While presentation is important, other things also cause prices to go up and down, such as how old the autograph is, who it is from, under what circumstances it was signed, what it was signed on, whether there is a message, the condition of the piece, and more. Additionally, the economy is of influence because people are less likely to spend a lot on collectables when times are a bit tight.

If you want to make money selling autographs, you need to be realistic about the fact that it won’t be a hidden goldmine. You will need to work hard, scour auction houses, visit flea markets, and have quite a bit of luck on your side. However, it is also a lot of fun and very interesting, as you immerse yourself in the history of famous and infamous personalities.

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