Eugene Bernshtam, Auto Enthusiast: Things to Know When Purchasing a Premium Automobile

If you have a love for a high end car and you are intent on buying one, there are a few things you should know before you go shopping in order to get the best deal on a premium automobile.

Those who shop for luxury automobiles all the time and those like Eugene Bernshtam, auto enthusiast may know some of these tactics, while others may not have a clue but it is always good to go in with all of the important knowledge because it will make your car shopping experience better, easier and even cheaper. Here is the list:

Have several different models to consider

You may be in absolute love with a particular car or have your heart set on one based on its looks, performance or other specs. You might think that it is the only car you can consider purchasing and everything else is nowhere near your list. You should however try different autos before you settle on one for sure.

You may find that a different car drives or handles better or perhaps you like the interior, which is where you will spend your time in the car, much better than your original choice. Shopping is never a bad thing, buying to quickly however, can be.  The best reasons to select multiple car choices is because you can open yourself up to better deals.

If you look at several cars you can tell dealers that this is the case and allow them to bid for your business. Premium car manufacturers have lots of profit room in their prices and they will use it to become an owner of their brand. They believe that once you buy their brand they can keep selling you more cars. So use the fact that you are shopping to get yourself an opportunity to negotiate. You might score a big financial win for yourself in terms of payments, more features for the same price, or an even a better car model.   

Remember high-end means more expensive service and repair bills

Premium cars are wonderful. They are fast, comfortable and safe and contain all of the latest technologies and amenities available in an automobile. You can be proud when you own one because everyone knows you have good taste, you are successful and you love the best. The downside however to owning these cars is that they are much more expensive to repair.

Many of these cars are highly tuned and will not run well for long periods of time without constant services. If you choose to purchase an exotic, the parts of these cars, including tires and oil and fuel changes can be staggering. You should aim for premium cars with higher quality ratings to avoid paying so much so often. It is a falsehood that the more expensive the car, the better service it will give you. In fact many of the most expensive cars have awful records for quality. Do your homework and aim for a luxury brand that has a great record for quality. In the end, you will save lots of money and headaches.  

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