Essential Tips for Storing Olive Oil Bought in Bulk

Olive oil provides lots of benefits. However, rotten oils can be harmful. They use up all the antioxidants, making them useless. In some cases, they don’t necessarily pose health risks, but it is still recommended not to use them anymore.

Olive oil has to be stored properly. The best way to do this is by using either tinted glass or any nonreactive metal like stainless steel. Containers that contain copper or iron should not be used as they cause chemical reactions resulting in toxic compounds. Plastic should be avoided too as the oil absorbs noxious substances out of the plastic. All containers should have a tight lid to keep the air out.

Keep the olive oil cool

Temperature is an important consideration to prevent the possible degradation of the oil. The recommended temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the same temperature as a wine cellar. Room temperature is also fine. However, placing the oil in a warmer place during the summer is not ideal.

For long-term storage, refrigeration is still advised. The premium extra virgin oils though still need to be kept under room temperature. They have to be in a smaller container like a porcelain jug so as to keep air and light out as much as possible. Olive oil will eventually solidify and turn cloudy when placed in the fridge. This should not cause alarm since it will be back to its original fluidity and colour once kept at room temperature.

Using solidified olive oil

If you want to immediately use solidified olive oil, it is best if you place it in a wide-mouth glass jar. You can just spoon out the amount that you need when it is really necessary. You can also use a clear jar since it is dark inside the fridge most of the time anyway.

You can avoid solidified olive oil though by not refrigerating it, as long as you keep it inside a cool cupboard which is dark. It should also be away from appliances producing heat. If not opened, the oil can even last for up to 2 years.

Older oils are not better

Olive oils are not like wine. They don’t get better with time. In fact, as they become older, the level of acid rises. The flavour also weakens. Even the extra virgin ones don’t become better. It is best to consume the oil within a year. It is still quite a long time so there is no harm if you decide to make a bulk olive oil order. You can also check the expiration date or the best before date if you want to consume it at its best.


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