Dock Square Parking Garage – Why They Are The Best In Boston

Parking here in Boston, much like many big cities of the world as I understand it, is an absolute nightmare. In fact I would go further than this and suggest that the traffic here is a nightmare too. Owing to this I began taking public transport a few years ago for my job, but it caused me great problems when I had to go out and about to meet clients. I tried many different parking lots around the city and my experience of them was very poor indeed, that was until I tried Dock Square Parking Garage. This privately owned garage was exactly what I was looking for and they are far and away the best in Boston, MA. I almost didn’t write this piece as I don’t want the garage to get full up to the point that I cannot park! Nonetheless I must share why this is the best in the business.


The one thing that you expect from a car park is that when you leave your car there for the day, that nothing will happen to it. Unfortunately however in many of the car parks around Boston, both myself and my work colleagues have had a wide range of issues from damage to the vehicles, theft of belongings inside and in some cases the car itself has been stolen. The one garage where I have never heard of any foul play, security or safety issues has been Dock Square, and this is just one of the reasons why they are the best.


What I find amazing about Dock Square is that despite the fact that they have the reputation as the best in the city, and despite the fact that they are the most secure, they actually have the lowest prices. I certainly haven’t found any long term car parks which charge less than these guys and whilst it will cots a little more for a short term stay, those of us who park there for multiple hours save great amounts of money when compared with the others. In fat they have recently introduced a loyalty scheme which can help people save even more money. Just to recap that means these guys are the cheapest, and the safest.


I have been parking here for over 4 years now and during that time I have seen one member of staff leave and be replaced. This is a family run business which means that there is real familiarity between them and people like myself who have been using them for a long time. The guys at the garage know who I am and over the years we have found out bits and pieces about one another. Service isn’t something that you always expect from a parking garage but these guys are fantastic at it and it feels like a very secure and comfortable place for you to park your car.

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