Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

Proper lighting plays a big role in the overall look of a home. It can be a little baffling when thinking of a good lighting plan for your space. Some people make the huge mistake of using only one type of lighting for the whole interior of their home. There are different types of lighting, and each serves a particular purpose.

General or Ambient Lighting

Its main purpose is to illuminate the whole room or space. It is one of the more common types of lighting. With this type, the goal is to make the lighting of the room as flat and natural as possible. It is also referred to as mood lighting, for it generally captures one’s face curves and allows eye pupils to slightly dilate. Even yoga studios use soft ambient lighting, as this can greatly help relieve stress. Some of the lights you can use for this kind of lighting are the following:

  • Downlights or recessed lights. This can work best for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. You can use a series of these kinds of lights throughout the ceiling. Be cautious not to overdo the lighting, especially for low ceilings. Lighting that is too harsh is not good for your space.

  • Wall lights and wall sconces. These should be placed subtly around the space. However, too many of these can cause glaring light. These are great for patios, hallways and porches. They can work in other rooms in your home as well when used carefully.

  • Pendants and chandeliers. These work well with high ceilings. Classic pieces can add beauty to your home. Just make sure that the height suits your space, wherein the lighting can be maximised.

Accent Lighting

Also referred to as highlighting, it is used to draw attention to a specific object such as bookcases, artwork, a vase and others. It can also be used outdoors to highlight a certain plant, a beautiful tree or a certain area of your landscape. It is a way of adding drama and style to your space. This can also be useful during holidays, like Christmas and Halloween.

Task Lighting

Often referred to as office lighting as well, task lighting is a more concentrated light. It is used to help you see clearly when doing projects, reading, writing, cooking or sewing. This kind of lighting can be maximised if the room has low illumination. It will cause less glare than with rooms that are brightly lit. It can naturally help stimulate the brain, makes you concentrate more to effectively work on your task. Some of the lights you can use for this kind of lighting are vanity lights, desk lamps and track lights.

If you are planning to layer lights in your space, consider the ambient lighting first. It is best to move from general to specific when thinking of the best way to light a room. You can also visit www.downlightsdirect.co.uk and choose the best lights for your home.

Image: Pixabay.com

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