Just under 5 years ago I began working with the incredible Jeffrey Lupient, a local businessman here in Minneapolis- St.Paul Area Minnesota who has been a giant in the automotive game. I began working with Jeff for research purposes ahead of going into business with him on a joint auto venture, and it didn’t take Read More

Because decks and balconies are made to add a relaxing element at home, many homeowners are not aware of the hazards that they pose. There have been several child accident cases caused by unsafe balconies. If there are no rõduklaasid or balcony windows, it’s easy for your child to slip through the railings or become Read More

You may be surprised to learn that the advantages of leasing a car extend beyond the perks of a shiny new vehicle. As well as avoiding any long-term commitment to a depreciating vehicle, you will also be able to drive away with less mechanical maintenance and lower monthly fees. Still concerned whether car leasing is Read More