Capitalism is based on having free markets, with firms and resources being privately owned. As we look at practice, this practically means that the state intervenes in order to regulate economy aspects and private property. The US and the UK are widely regarded as being capitalist countries, even if the governments spend up to 40 Read More

Jeff Lupient is the President and CEO at Lupient Automotive Group. He has over 10 years of management experience in Minnesota and Minneapolis after he completed his studies at Hamline University. Jeff Lupient MN runs a very successful automotive group in the St Paul Area of Minnesota. Jeff Lupient, Minnesota believes that being the boss Read More

The relatively free flow of goods to and from nearly all corners of the globe creates huge demand for shipping and transport services. Few countries or regions, if any, are entirely self-sufficient, making shipping and transport not just a valuable economic activity but also of critical importance to human wellbeing and survival. If you’re looking Read More