Alpman Ilker discussed the risks faced by general contractors in the modern workplace

Alpman Ilker thought that his dreams had come true when he started his own contracting company, however times are changing. He loves to potter about on his home and cars and this business just seemed like an extension of his passion and talents. However these days there are a lot of problems that can risk your business and your livelihood.

First of all is the fact that the job can be very seasonal, the job does not lend itself very well to rain or snow. Even if you live in sunny climes in North America people do not tend to want much work done around Christmastime or holiday time, it is a time for families not workmen and you yourself would also want to prepare for your Christmas and spend time with your own family. You therefore need to be a good planner and earn enough in the warmer months to carry you through the rest of the year and pay for Christmas and so on.

Another major issue is the damage of equipment; your tools are your way to make money. Without them you could not complete your job or receive payment. To continue this theme you need to make sure that any other members of your team know how to work all equipment correctly.

In our blame culture we have to be careful to ensure that our work area is a safe place. In construction there are a lot of potential hazards, from the equipment and machinery to the half built site itself. You therefore need to make sure that your team are all proficient with health and safety rules and regulations; make sure that any visitors are aware and dressed appropriately. Insurance is required to cover any potential problems in this vain

You must always ensure that your work and the work of anyone you employ is of the highest standard you do not want to be sued at a later date for any unfinished work or buildings that are not structurally sound. Your client will lose money and they will be looking to offset this loss, you do not want to be the one on the receiving end of this. You therefore need to ensure that you and your team keep up to date with building codes and safety standards. Make sure that you have all of the appropriate documentation for yourself and your team. Ensure that you have the correct and up to date insurance policies.

Unfortunately even with the best plans and procedures in place there are often unforeseen issues in the construction industry. You require on third parties for materials, equipment you rely on the weather. Your client may have a very strict deadline and your team may have to work overtime to catch up if the work is behind schedule. Just like any other type of business the key is to keep communicating, tell your workforce what you might need from them and tell your client what you are doing to keep ahead of the schedule.

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