3 Top Tips for More Effective Hotel Recruitment in Dublin

Ever wonder if you are really doing all you can to get the best staff for your Dublin hotel? Yes, you conduct thorough interviews and you do background checks, and you hire people for the crucial hospitality roles you need to fill. But are you certain you’re getting the absolute best?

Hotels in Dublin and across Ireland thrive on finding the best quality staff to run their establishments. If you have a robust recruitment procedure but you want to go a little further for success, here are some tips.

1. Find Out What Makes a Good Employee Great

There’s no denying hotel recruitment in dublin can be a tough job. But you already have some valuable assets on your side. Who’s the best person to tell you the best person for the job? The high-performer you already have on your staff. Find out what makes them so good at their job. Take a look at their qualities and skills. Ask them what they would look for in someone doing their own job. Consult them on what they think makes them so good at their role. Make a list of the attributes and qualities you come up with and make sure you include a way to check on these in the recruitment process.

2. Create the Ideal Interview Guide

Create and maintain an interview guide that includes what you are looking for in different hospitality staff members, how you are going to measure this, and a list of typical interview questions. This will help you if you are interviewing everyone by yourself, but it will also help if you need to give the interviewing job to another team member. This way you can ensure that you are carrying out a fair and effective interview for every position you want to fill.

3. Give Interview Training

If members of the team are going to be interviewing, make sure they are up to speed. This means you can focus on other aspects of running your business while being confident the hiring process is in good hands. Set up interview training sessions that focus on getting the best person for the job, objectively speaking, and minimising gut reactions and guesswork. It also helps if you get some training in interview techniques if you are the person to make the hiring decisions.

It may seem like too much extra work to carry out tasks like this to improve your recruitment process, but it really does pay off in the long-term. You end up being able to recruit the best staff, who are more likely to stay in the job and thus cut down your recruitment hassles in the future.

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