How to Keep Your Motorhome in the Best Condition

Owning a motorhome is a significant investment. While you get the chance to explore the country and enjoy the freedom of being on the road, you want to protect your investment and keep your vehicle in great condition for years to come. You may be thinking of selling your motorhome in the future and want it to hold its value.

Here’s how to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

1. Keep Up With Repairs

When you maintain the components within the motorhome, you keep it in better general condition and prevent costly breakdowns. If something goes wrong, fix the issue as soon as possible to keep your van working well. Check the warranty on the purchase of your new motorhome and make sure you keep within its terms and take advantage of what it offers. If you can’t fix something yourself, take your van for timely servicing and/or repairs. When looking for motorhome repairs Scotland owners typically contact their dealership to find out the best options.

2. Carry Out Regular Services

A regular servicing schedule is essential to preserve the longevity of your vehicle and keep it within warranty. Professional servicing prevents breakdowns and also costly problems from developing. Motorhome servicing includes mechanical and habitation servicing. The habitation service check looks at the systems and fixtures in the van, while the mechanical check ensures everything is working beneath the bonnet, as well as the running gear. Use a professional motorhome servicing company to carry out these essential checks.

3. Valet for Your Motorhome

Wash and polish your motorhome regularly to prevent dirt build-up that can cause long-term problems. Polish helps to protect the exterior from damage and cleaning the van after a holiday helps remove grit and sand that may corrode the paintwork. You can do this yourself or take your van to a professional valeting company.

4. Protect Against Harsh Conditions

Maintain the excellent condition of your new motorhome by protecting it from the elements as much as possible. You’re never going to be able to protect the van completely, but you can keep it in better condition by avoiding driving on broken roads, overloading the van so it’s too heavy, driving through standing water and driving carelessly.

5. Protect When Not in Use

Cover your motorhome when you keep it at home. Ideally, you will keep your van under a roof but this is not always possible. A specialist cover helps to protect the van and reduces the risk of theft. When you put your vehicle away for the season, make sure the interior is clean, aired and dry. Remove all the soft furnishings that could attract damp and mould. Make sure there are no leaks in the windows or door seals that could let in moisture. Check your van regularly over the winter months and run the engine to ensure it still maintains its power. If you spot any issues that need fixing, repair them as soon as possible. All this will help keep your motorhome on the road for longer.