How to Choose Which Scaffolding System to Hire

Scaffolding is a temporary construction with which walkways or platforms supported by wood or steel are made.

The function of scaffolding is to allow access to the construction workers as well as the material to all the points of a building that is under construction or undergoing rehabilitation of the facades.

Types of Scaffolding

When hiring scaffolding, it is important to be clear about which type would be best for the work planned. We asked construction equipment hire experts which provide scaffolding in Eastbourne for some pointers on choosing scaffolding. Here is what you should keep in mind.

There are different types of scaffolding that allow the performing of different tasks. Among them are trestle scaffolds, hanging scaffolds, and access towers.

Trestle scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is simply work platforms supported by “A” shaped frames or similar folding supports. This type of scaffolding – be it rigid or folding trestle – should only be used for light jobs of relatively short duration.

Folding trestles should only be used on scaffolding without a second level, and the work platform should have a width of at least 430 mm (two planks). One third of the height of the trestle should rise above the work platform.

When the work platform is more than 2 m high it is necessary to install handrails and guard rails. Trestle scaffolding is not suitable in circumstances in which a person can fall more than 4.5 m from the platform.


Like the other varieties, trestle scaffolds must be placed on a firm and level base and must be well fixed to avoid displacement. It must be ensured that the trestles are adequately braced to achieve rigidity and resist lateral movement.

Trestles should not be more than 1.35 m apart from each other when 38 mm thick boards are used, and at 1.50 m if the boards are 50 mm thick.

Hanging scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is usually used for structures or tall buildings located in streets with a lot of traffic, or in other circumstances where it is not feasible or economical to erect a scaffolding from the ground.

There are two main classes: hanging platforms and articulated or independent platforms.

The installation of hanging scaffolding requires the services of a suitable person, capable of supervising its construction and subsequent use. The assembly must be done only by someone experienced.

Only persons who have trained in the use of such equipment and safety devices, and have a practical understanding of maximum load and emergency procedures, should work on suspended scaffolding. Remember that to work on hanging scaffolding you have to use a safety belt with a rope attached to the building.

Scaffolding towers

Scaffolding towers typically consist of a platform supported by horizontal beams mounted on four upright columns positioned on base plates. Towers may be fixed, or mobile with wheels. These are most often used by painters or other workers to carry out light work which does not take long, and in one location.

Safety tips for the use of scaffolding towers

The first precaution in the installation of scaffolding towers is to achieve its stability. For this purpose, the relationship between the height and width of the base must not be greater than 4:1 for a fixed tower to be used indoors: in the open, that ratio is reduced to 3.5:1, and for a mobile tower, also outdoors, should not be more than 3:1.

Any load on the platform will raise the centre of gravity of the tower, and an excessive load will endanger its stability. The scaffolding of fixed towers must not exceed 12 m in height if they are loose; above that level it is necessary to tie them. Mobile towers must not exceed 9.6 m in height if they are loose, or 12 m if they are attached to a structure.

If you are still unsure which type of scaffolding would be most suitable, or cost-effective for the construction or project you have planned, it is best to seek the advice of professional scaffolding hire experts.

Reasons to Use Granite as Your Worktops in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in any home. Besides being used for cooking, modern kitchens are used for other purposes. You can dine or have a family meeting in the kitchen. You can also spend time with your visitors in the kitchen as you prepare food. These are some of the reasons why most homeowners consider kitchen remodelling services. One of the items to remodel is the kitchen worktop. Although there are different types of modern kitchen worktops, here are reasons to consider granite worktops.


Granite is strong. It does not break easily as other worktop materials might. You can do your all your cooking activities on it with no worries. These worktops also have a special anti-scratch seal. Granite worktops will stay looking good for ages without breaking or scratching.

No bacteria or dirt

Granite worktops are sleek and with no pores. This material does not absorb liquid spills such as water or sauces. This eliminates the existence of bacteria on your worktops. Their special seal also makes it easy to clean off dirt. This is a great advantage of granite worktops over traditional worktops that are porous and readily absorb juice, oil and other liquid spills.

Heat resistant

There is a lot of heat involved in the kitchen. Hot pots and pans are common in every kitchen. You therefore need to install worktops that are not affected by heat. Granite is not affected by heat. You can comfortably place your cold and hot utensils with no worries. However, make sure you get high-quality granite worktops London suppliers offer.

Natural look

Compared to marble and quartz, granite has a more natural look. While other worktops look fairly contemporary, granite is naturally beautiful and boosts your kitchen appearance.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is another factor you need to consider when selecting the best kitchen worktops. Due to their natural strength and non-porous nature, granite worktops are easy to clean and maintain. The worktops look as good as new by wiping with a wet towel.

Wide variety of colours

Granite comes in over 20 different colours. You can find a perfect colour to complement your theme. Homeowners have a choice to find the right worktops to complement the wall or ceiling colour.

Home remodelling is a great way to upgrade your home value. Replacing your broken kitchen worktops with granite worktops is the best home remodelling idea. Granite worktops are very easy to install. There are lots of companies in London supplying these worktops. All you need to do is to choose your favourite colour and shade. The worktops also come in different sizes to meet your kitchen needs. Make sure your kitchen is more than simply a cooking place by installing the latest type of kitchen worktops. With these advantages, granite is no doubt the best choice for worktops.

Photocopier Leasing: How to Choose the Best Provider

Leasing business equipment is a growing trend among enterprises of all sizes, for many good reasons. If you are looking for a copying / printing solution for your business here are some solid reasons why leasing should be considered.

A fixed monthly charge is paid based on the monthly volume of copies and impressions. All the scans performed are free in many contracts.

There is access to the latest generation multifunctional or copier equipment without any need to tie up important economic resources.

Suitable equipment is installed according to the specific needs of your company.

The cost of leasing normally includes all consumables such as toner (except paper).

The cost of leasing also includes all the parts and spare parts required for the proper functioning of the equipment.

Permanent telephone support and remote support is provided if required.

Technical service or preventive or corrective maintenance on site is guaranteed within a period not exceeding 24 hours (business days).

If spare parts are not available to maintain equipment operational within 24 hours, replacement equipment is provided if necessary.

While contracts can also be signed for 12, 18 and 24 months and for specific projects (days, weeks, months), it may be more beneficial to consider a longer term such as three years, if it meets your needs, as it may allow for lower leasing payments than would be incurred in contracts with shorter terms. According to experts in photocopier leasing in Reading this is because the shorter the period of the rental contract, the higher the amount to be paid for the rental of the equipment due to the amortization cost of the leased equipment.

Usually, the supplier will guarantee a permanent fixed cost during the leasing period, regardless of any increase in the cost of consumables, spare parts and labour of the technical services performed.

If the volume of printing and copying increases considerably, adjustments can be made to the contract either to modify the monthly volume of copies without having to change the equipment that is currently used or consider changing the equipment to a model more suitable for such volume, according to the new needs of the company.

Reputable coper leasing suppliers will have equipment for all needs depending on the size of your company or business, along with multiple hardware and software solutions to provide security in the handling of your documents, which will allow you to properly manage electronic documents and safeguard your data.

Some things to look for in your service provider are the following:

  • How many years of experience in the field?

  • Are they an authorised dealer for well-known brands such as Konica Minolta and Sharp, etc.?

  • Are they an authorised service centre for the big brands?

  • Do they provide service that allows them to deal with any maintenance service or service issue in no more than 24 hours?

Regardless of the size of your business or company, nowadays, the use of multifunctional copying / printing / scanning equipment is necessary; hence the importance that you have peace of mind that your equipment will operate in optimal conditions and be backed by the support of experts to solve any problem or supply consumables and spare parts that may be required at any time.

It is more convenient for the company to have a multifunctional equipment adapted to their specific needs and in their own establishment, as the cost of what they pay for each copy or impression is less than what they would pay at any copying centre.